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How do we teach written calculations?

The document linked below (our Calculation Policy) is designed to give you a clear idea of the different stages we go through when teaching mathematical calculations.  This may sometimes seem long-winded and parents may sometimes wonder why we don’t simply teach the final and most efficient method from the very beginning.  However, educational research and our experience shows that children are taught a strategy for calculation without full understanding they are unable to apply it correctly or to remember it in the long-term.

Our methods for teaching are based on good practice and we seek to always ensure that at each step children understand what they are doing and how it works.  We use practical resources and images to enforce the understanding.  It is only when children can reliably carry out calculations with good understanding that we progress to the next step.  In this way the children’s understanding of the number system and number patterns grows as they progress through the steps.


Children find it confusing if they are being taught one method at home and another at school.  When helping your children at home please enquire about the methods that are currently using in school.  If you need any further information about these methods or your child’s progress please ask their class teacher.