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Ancient Greece.

For our next project we would like children to do some research about Ancient Greece. Below are some ideas of what we would like children to find out and make. However, if there is another aspect of Ancient Greece they would like to find out about we would also love to see that work! Children may also enjoy the Groovy Greeks on Horrible Histories (You tube).




Ancient Greek alphabet

Writing your own Greek myth

Ideas for your project:

► Make your own timeline of events. https://www.ducksters.com/history/ancient_greek_timeline.php may help with this.  

► Learn a Greek myth. There are lots available on https://greece.mrdonn.org/myths.html as well as on You Tube.  

► You could use these to write your own Greek myth. The powerpoint on the webpage may help with this. 

► Draw, write or make a factfile about a Greek God or Goddess. 

► http://www.mathematicshed.com/maths-myths-and-legends-shed.html has great links and videos to support Ancient Greece in terms of maths and https://www.literacyshed.com/the-myths-and-legends-shed.html has videos to support English. Please look at these first as some are designed for older children. 

► Learn the Greek alphabet - can you write your name or a code for someone to crack?

► Make a Greek Vase. You could make a 2D or 3D one, maybe using paper mache. There are lots of pictures on our website. 

► Research the Ancient Greek Olympics. Create a fact file. 

► Make a model of the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.

► Create your own Olympics for someone to try. Can you create an advert for it or a set of instructions for what you need to do to take part?