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Science topic

This half term our science topic is "plants and animals." We have touched on plants before in the Autumn term so this will be a good chance for the children to recap their learning. Below are a selection of possible activities you may want to complete, or if you would prefer to carry out your own research this would also be great. 


  • Draw and label parts of a plant. 
  • Learn about what a plant needs to grow. 
  • Plant your own plant.
  • Carry out a plant survey in your local area - Look at different environments eg shady areas, walked on areas, sunny areas, overgrown areas. What types of plants grow in each area?
  • Create a lifecycle of a seed/ bean. 
  • Research the word "photosynthesis" and explain what it means.
  • Look into different habitats and what animals and plants can be found there. 
  • Look into how animals adapt to live in different environments for example camels and deserts and polar bears and cold climates. 
  • Draw/ paint pictures of animals and their young can you name the young for example cow and calf. 
  • Create a food chain to show who eats who. 
  • Research the following words Carnivore, omnivore and herbivore, can you find out animals that fall into each of the categories. 
  • Research the 7 life processes. 
  • Learn the names of the bones in a human body, can you create a moveable skeleton?
  •  Create an animal shelter or bug hotel and collect data on which types of animals use it.