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Topic: animals

Option A

  • Write a non-chronological report about your favourite animal. There is information about non-chronological reports on theschoolrun.com There is also a video on here to help you.
  • Write a story about an animal. Remember to include a beginning (character and setting description), middle (problem) and end (resolution).
  • Draw and label your favourite animal. You could include lots of adjectives for description.
  • Invent your own animal and describe it. Think about the habitat it lives in. It could be a combination of animals, for example a unicow (a unicorn’s head and a cow’s body!)
  • Write a poem about your favourite animal. This could be acrostic, rhyming or an ing poem, for example:

Tiger jumping,

Tiger pouncing,

Tiger plotting,

Tiger munching.


Pixl vocabulary games – these can be downloaded from the app.

Option B

  • Create a tally chart, pictogram and bar chart to show this information.

Favourite zoo animals:

Tiger 15 people

Lion 8 people

Giraffe 20 people

Elephant 12 people

Can you make one with your own data?


  • Zoo word problems: remember RUCSAC and APE!

1. In a zoo there are 12 penguins, 6 elephants and 10 tigers. How many legs are there?

2. Lions eat 3kg of food a day. How much have they eaten in two weeks?

3. In an enclosure there are 26 giraffes. 12 new giraffes join them and 6 go to a new zoo. How many giraffes are there now?

4. A leopard has 23 spots. How many spots are on 8 leopards?

5. In a zoo there are 150 animals. 44 are lions, 16 are tiger and the rest are leopards. How many are leopards?

6. Create your own word problem (and answer it)!


BBC bitesize quizzes

Pixl times tables– these can be downloaded from the app.


Option C

  • Make a model of your animal.
  • Draw or paint a picture of the animal.
  • Design a new habitat for your animal.
  • Create a zoo – how many recycled objects can you use?