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Topic: games and toys

Option A

  • Write a set of instructions to play a game. You can invent one or use one that is made already.
  • Advertise a game – there are lots of examples of adverts on the tv, in magazines and in leaflets.
  • Write about your favourite game – why do you like it?
  • Write a newspaper report – a new game has been invented! Why is it exciting? Remember to use a headline, when, what, who, where, quotes and a picture with a caption. Use reorientation at the end to describe what is happening now.


Pixl vocabulary games – these can be downloaded from the app.

Option B

  • Create a tally chart, pictogram and bar chart to show this information.

Favourite games:

Mousetrap 17 people

Monopoly 26 people

Minecraft 14 people

Fortnite 20 people


Can you make one with your own data?


  • Money word problems: remember APE and RUCSAC!

1. Three games cost £3.69. How much does each game cost?

2. I buy a pack of cards for £1.78 and Mousetrap for £3.99. How much change do I get from £10.00?

3. Jeff thinks that if has a £5.00 note and he spends £1.99 he will get £3.99 change. Is he correct? Convince me.

4. In a shop there are small and large lollies. Jo buys 2 small lollies and pays 40p. Altogether she spends £2.00. She has bought 4 large lollies. How much is each large lolly?

5. Make your own shop and word problem.


Play a game of Mathsopoly or snakes and ladders.

BBC bitesize quizzes

Pixl times tables– these can be downloaded from the app.

Option C

  • Design and make your own game.
  • Design an advert for your game.
  • Create a jingle or TV advert for your game. This could be recorded on a tablet.